The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 98 – Swimming against the current to champion a values-led sales culture w/ Alan Versteeg

23 October 2023

This week on The Sales Transformation Podcast Phil is joined by Alan Versteeg, Global Chief Revenue Officer at Growth Matters.

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Alan had a rough start in sales – he was fired from his first four jobs! It wasn’t until he completely transformed his mindset that success started to follow: he realised that successful salespeople are successful because of their values, not because of learned behaviours. 

Highlights of the discussion include: 

  • [01:29] – Fired from your first four sales jobs? Maybe you're not treating it as a profession 
  • [14:11] – Using tactful audacity to challenge a client's RFP and start a school of values 
  • [26:41] – Stop saying you're customer obsessed and show where you demonstrate it 


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