Process and Discovery

Providing the insight and analysis for your business to improve efficiency and align with customer expectations


Is your organisation agile for the rapidly changing world?

Many companies are finding it difficult to quickly meet the needs and requirements of their customers, despite having an experienced sales team.

Here at Consalia, our team of experts take immense care to understand and diagnose the needs of our client’s organisation.

We investigate and provide the necessary insights and recommendations required for your business to meet the needs of your customers.

Have you taken a deep dive into your company to understand your sales systems and processes?

From interviewing/spending time with key stakeholders and full sales process review, we gather key information about your organisation.

This allows you to fully understand your company’s current structure and make clear and informed decisions on how to proceed efficiently and strategise to meet business targets. 

Process and Discovery involves an in-depth inspection of your organisation in how your business sells, allowing us to provide you with critical insights and a course of action for your business.

Areas of investigation can include:


  • Diagnosing your teams’ Sales Mindset: if your salespeople think they are selling effectively, do their customers think the same way?
  • Account segmentation and coverage
  • Necessary sales tools to create a powerful value proposition of OD Development
  • Pipeline analysis and opportunity management
  • Pipeline analysis diagnosing efficiency of the organisation
  • Current territory and opportunity management process

Gain the insights into your sales organisation and drive actionable transformation

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