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The way customers buy
 has changed

As we move into a co-creation era the way you sell is becoming less effective. More customers are demanding salespeople that align with how they want to be sold to.

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Customers respond to
  • authenticity
  • client-centricity
  • proactive creativity
  • tactful audacity
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[Apprentices] have an exceptionally well-planned and taught curriculum that enables them quickly to put into practice what they learn. Through frequent practical projects, apprentices make a significant impact to their businesses.

Consalia’s Senior Sales Leadership apprenticeship programme has been graded outstanding by Ofsted

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A unique company created exclusively to support organisations in transforming their sales through education and implementation.

WHAT WE OFFER : Three Offerings, One aim

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Sales Business School

Get academically backed sales education programmes for yourself or your team with accredited degree and master's level qualifications that turn salespeople into sales professionals.

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Sales Transformation

Achieve true sales transformation with a bespoke consulting project, all backed by our ongoing practitioner research and individually created for each organisation.

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Consalia Online

Empower everyone to drive profitable growth, from a small team to an international sales force, through our online learning modules covering all the essential skills and knowledge.

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OUR ECOSYSTEM : Educate & Transform Engine

A cycle of teaching, research, implementation and understanding forms a self-perpetuating engine of improvement that continually advances our understanding of the sales process.

Cherry-pick from our ideas and adapt them to your own organisation. Consalia offers tailor-made programmes based on your requirements.

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Our Cycle


Sales Business School

We use work-based learning to educate sales people with the latest proven techniques from our experience.

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Alumni Research

Our alumni carry out work-based projects and write research papers that add to our overall understanding.

Sales Transformation

We keep relevant by continually improving our sales solutions, implementing our latest research.

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We update our education programmes to reflect the advances that we have proven in the real world.

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We are a team of professional sales educators and process implementors working with some of the world's largest organisation to improve their relationships with their customers.
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