Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth

Transform your team. Transform your selling.


Only 10% of salespeople sell in a way that buyers actually want to be sold to

Getting your team into that “Winner’s Circle” isn’t just a matter of adopting a trendy methodology or using the latest tech – it means transforming the way they think about selling.

That’s where we come in: our Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth programme draws on decades of sales education experience, including both online and in-person learning, to revolutionise the mindsets of your whole Sales team in a short timeframe.

Why use the Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth programme?

Traditional sales training has focussed too much on knowledge and methodology. Those are all well and good, but we do things differently. We start our training by asking learners to look inward to their own values. 

With the right values and mindsets that customers expect, salespeople will naturally start behaving in ways that please buyers. It’s not about following a script or using tricks and gambits – it's about changing your entire attitude to building client relationships. 

Don’t just take our word for it – Royal Mail have already attributed 67 won opportunities to the success of the programme. Click below for the whole story:

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What is it?

A blended learning programme designed to totally restructure how your team approaches sales.

Through an in-person workshop, webinars, and e-learning your team will learn every aspect of Consalia’s values-led approach to selling. This includes the Sales Mindsets and our Winning Value Proposition™ system for bids.

You also have the option to commission us to facilitate "Voice of the Customer" interviews with your clients as part of the programme. This lets you really get to know their businesses and how they want to be sold to.

Face-to-face workshop

Consalia Online

Voice of the Customer interviews

Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth

How does it work?

The Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth programme is flexible – we'll work with you to build the learning structure that best suits your needs. We can combine in-person teaching, e-learning, and webinars – whatever you need to succeed. 

Take a look at the structure of this example programme outline, which would take place over the course of three months.

Icon for Pre-engagement

Preparing managers for their responsibilities during the programme

Icon for Launch

Introducing your team to the programme

Icon for Manage Myself

The attitudes and habits your team need for successful bids

Icon for Manage My Customer

How to go beyond the RFP and create solutions that will really help the client

Icon for Support My Team

Ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the bidding process

Icon for Programme Close

Summarising everything your team has learned and how far they've come


How much does the Inspiring a Sales Mindset for Growth programme cost?

The cost of running the programme can vary depending on the structure we build together.

The example programme above would need an investment of around £15k, which could be divided among 15 people, making it a £1000 per person investment. 

Speak to one of our experts today about your requirements for a full quote. 

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