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Salespeople have struggled with cliched views of how they sell due to stale supplier-centric sales training. All the while, customers have become more sophisticated in the way they operate through the sales cycle, making it even harder for salespeople to be successful. 

Selling Transformed provides fresh, tangible ideas on how to develop better sales practices, focused on a new paradigm of selling – one that is based on proven values and beliefs, which deliver a competitive advantage in today’s new era. 


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The definitive handbook for people who truly believe that sales is a profession worth investing a lifetime in

Simon Dale, Managing Director, South East Asia, Adobe

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Clarifies and reminds us of the human basics and values essential to effective selling – then, now and in the future

Frank Cespades, senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

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About the author

Dr Philip Squire, CEO at Consalia

Philip has over 20 years of experience providing sales consulting education services and training to brands including Apple, Apogee, AT&T Capital, Ford, Hertz, Hewlett-Packard, Royal Caribbean International and many more.

He is a subject matter expert for UK Trailblazer undergraduate apprenticeship sales degree, a trustee of the Association of Professional Sales, a co-founder of the International Journal of Sales Transformation and a visiting professor at the Seoul Business School at aSSIT.