Coaching for
Sales Transformation

Drive sales performance through coaching

Research shows that companies that effectively use coaching and mentoring are more effective and have better outcomes for the organisation.

Greater annual revenue growth for companies that provide quality coaching
Higher win rates for companies that have coaching programmes
Of leading companies state that sales coaching and mentoring is cited as the most important role that frontline managers play

Sales Coaching : Coaching Programmes

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ILM Coaching for Sales Transformation

For sales managers who want to improve team performance through coaching and mentoring
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Introduction: Developing Essential Leadership Skills

Coaching is one of the most powerful
learning and development interventions
helping individuals to unleash their potential.

Our programme provides sales managers
with the tools, framework, knowledge, skills
and behaviours to be a Level 5 accredited
Coach and Mentor.

It helps with:

  • Self-confidence
  • Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Work Performance

Coaching is most suited to sales managers who...

...have direct reports on a regular basis... and mentor on a regular basis

The Three Pillars of Coaching

  • Performance

    Coaching is based around a leadership style of “ask” not “tell”. Guiding individuals to set their own sales goals that align with organisational performance strategies.

  • Development

    Coaching is proven to speed up an individual’s ability to learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for current and future sales positions.

  • Team Cohesion

    Coaching facilitates sales team collaboration and engagement. It encourages greater responsibility, helps to identify high potential and improves employee retention.

I have really, really enjoyed it. It has really made me question, "Have I been implementing my coaching in the best way?"

Laura Bradley

Director of Insides Sales, Apogee Corporation