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For aspiring and early career salespeople wishing to develop professional practice in business to business sales.
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Sales degree apprenticeships are employer-led and are a government-backed initiative. Standards of practice have been directed by a ‘Trailblazer’ group, comprised of senior sales practitioners, of whom include Consalia as a founding member of the group.

All companies with a UK salary bill of +£3million are required by law to pay a ‘levy’ of 0.5% above £3m. Companies can make use of their levy spend by directing funds towards a programme with approved suppliers.

Companies that do not pay the levy will be required to pay 5% towards the cost of training and assessing their apprentices, with the remaining amount to be paid by the government.

Sales Apprenticeship Programmes

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Making Valuable Use of Time: 20% Off-The-Job Learning

The 20% off-the-job training is a mandatory component of the apprenticeship. This is any activity that develops your knowledge, skills and behaviours internally. Attendance must be evidenced during the programme.

It is down to the apprentice to attend sessions to ensure success in their programme. This can include internal training programmes, reading around your modules or developing further knowledge on your products.

The ESFA has warned that employers or providers who break the rules may have their levy funding removed.

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FREQUENT ASKED : Common Questions

  • What are the entry requirements to the programme?

    It is preferred that applicants have A level equivalent qualifications, with GCSEs in English and Maths at Grade C equivalent or above. For those without formal qualifications, relevant work experience can be taken into account. Applicants without Maths and/or English GCSE, or certificates of this, will be asked to complete a Level 2 course alongside and funded as part of their Apprenticeship.

  • Can I apply if I'm not currently employed?

    Applicants for the apprenticeship programmes need to be employed since it is the employer who pays the fee through their apprenticeship levy. We offer other sales education programmes for those not in employment and able to make use of the Apprenticeship levy.

  • How much time will this take out of my day job?

    As part of an Apprenticeship, employers are expected to allow 20% of each week for apprentices to study. This should be sufficient to complete the programme.

  • How recognised is this qualification and what will it do for me?

    Those who earn either of the Higher Level Degree Apprenticeships will have 2 recognised qualifications to their name. More importantly, students will gain significantly from both professional and personal development. Many of our students attest to the life-changing nature of being on this course.

  • What experience will I get?

    Our programmes cover all of the essential skills required for a successful sales career and to develop sales leaders. This exposure offers the opportunity to gain new skills quickly and helps ensure that students are equipped to meet future challenges in their organisation.

  • How much time will I spend in the classroom?

    On average, students will spend 2-3 days in face to face workshops (depending on the module). Each module will last between 8-12 weeks and will involve 2-3 virtual Peer Learning Activities, lasting for 1-2 hours during the course of the module. The remaining time is largely independent study, although a range of support options are available for any learners that want to reach out for further guidance to complete projects.

The apprenticeship has had a positive impact on my career development, but importantly it’s about personal development too.

Christian Nolan

Regional Account Manager - Royal Mail

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