The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 88 - Navigating Sales, Culture, and HR Leadership: What Needs To Be Considered?

17 August 2023

In the latest episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast Dr. Phil is joined by the Executive Vice President, CHRO at GRUNDFOS, Mirjam Baijens. During the episode, Mirjam describes her journey from working in the sales enablement arena to becoming a Global HR director of GRUNDFOS. The pair also discuss the topic of culture and how its role within an organisation differs to the role of strategy. Mirjam further highlights the main challenges that organisations have faced when inciting change as well as the key learnings that have enabled her to navigate her way in a highly competitive environment. 

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Other key topics during the episode include: 

- [21:35] A sales team with the right mindset or a sales team with the right skills? 

- [26:25] What skills and competencies are required to survive in a changing world?

- [41:00] Advice for salespeople wanting to pitch to a Senior HR Director

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