#121 – From door-to-door to social selling w/ Alex Abbott

09 May 2024

This week on The Sales Transformation Podcast Phil is joined by Alex Abbott, Conversation Creation Specialist at Supero and co-founder and presenter at SalesTV.live.

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Alex walks us through his varied career, in which he has run the gamut of different sales roles from knocking on doors selling vacuum cleaners to SAAS deals with an average order value of £200k. Alex’s latest evolution has been to become an expert in social selling, after 30 years in sales taught him that the quality of relationships and conversations is paramount. 


Highlights include: 

  • [27:44] – Relationships are the biggest performance driver in sales 
  • [32:08] – Alex’s “aha” moment for social selling 
  • [34:40] – Most companies are measuring the wrong things with social selling 


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