The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 99 – How to generate sales-ready leads: October AMA w/ Kevin Kelly

02 November 2023

It has been a while since our last AMA, so we were very excited to host the October Ask Me Anything webinar all around the topic of generating sales-ready leads. It’s a topic that we know is on the top of both sales leaders and enablement professionals’ minds and was also the most-voted option on a recent LinkedIn poll that we ran. 

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Phil was joined by Managing Director and Founder of PACE Digital Sales, Kevin Kelly. PACE DIGITAL SALES is a cutting-edge professional services company specialising in providing human & digital sales prospecting solutions to businesses across various industries. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and outbound marketing strategies, PACE aims to revolutionise the way companies approach their sales outbound prospecting, driving higher efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue growth. 


Highlights of questions asked include: 

  • [01:29] – Is there still a space for cold-calling in sales? 
  • [14:11] – What’s the best mix between social and telesales? 
  • [26:41] – The #1 skill that any Business Development Rep needs 


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