The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 91 - Winning Large Complex Deals Trilogy pt. 1: How to increase your win rates to 84%

06 September 2023

We are so excited to bring you the first part of a trilogy of episodes, all centred around the subject of Winning Large Complex deals! If you’re a sales professional who operates in this space, this episode is for you. 

The topic of large bid pursuits is one that is particularly close to Dr Philip Squire’s heart, given his doctoral research into how customers want to be sold to back in 2009. This trilogy series will host special guests who have all been responsible for deals worth over £2+ million. 

Our first guest is David Mines, Business Development Director at Bunzl plc. David has over 27 years of sales experience, much of it at a leadership and Director level.  

During this period, David have worked predominantly within the industrial and retail packaging sectors. For the past 12 years, he has had the pleasure of working within a number of Bunzl plc Operating Companies. David's skill set has always been focused on new business growth and his role has developed into a leadership position that proactively supports organic growth. In his current position, David have worked with Senior Management Team to grow a 23 million Euro business to 50 million Euro within a 4 year period. 

David and Phil cover many topics, including: 


  • [25:27] - How do you increase your win rates to 84%? 
  • [34:36] - What are your organisation’s values and are they truly client-centric? 
  • [57:21] - What are the critical skills needed to become a Business Development Director? 


We hope you can take away actionable insights that will help you in your bid to sell to your customers in a way that they want. Stay tuned for part 2! 

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