The Sales Transformation Podcast: Ep 100 – GST XVIII Preview: What is the "Future Readiness Framework"? w/ Cathy Ward

06 November 2023

Our upcoming Global Sales Transformation event this year is Consalia’s 18th and what a topic we have in store for attendees! 

This year, we are thrilled to announce Cathy Ward, the esteemed former COO of SAP APJ and the visionary founder of The Future Ready Agency, as our keynote speaker. Cathy will guide our attendees through the nuances of her innovative Future Readiness Framework—a blueprint for thriving amidst the evolving business landscape. 

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In an era marked by extraordinary challenges, including the global pandemic and geopolitical shifts exemplified by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the imperative for businesses to anticipate and adapt to future demands has never been greater. The concept of 'Future Readiness' has swiftly ascended the agenda for astute sales leaders eager to navigate the tides of change with agility and insight. 

As a teaser to the event on Wednesday 6th December, listen in on the latest episode of The Sales Transformation Podcast where Cathy joins Phil to discuss: 

  • [07:00] – How the “Future Readiness movement” began 
  • [14:11] – Challenges to anticipating the future 
  • [17:12] – A teaser to the emerging Future Readiness Framework 


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