#127 – An academic lens on sales hiring and compensation w/ Frank V. Cespedes

20 June 2024

This week on The Sales Transformation Podcast Phil is joined by Frank V. Cespedes, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.   

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Frank has authored several books on sales and marketing, with his most recent work focussing on sales management. In this episode he and Phil explore at two of the most important skills for any sales manager: how to hire great salespeople and how to keep the ones you’ve got. 


Highlights include: 

  • [09:14] – Why write another book on sales management when so many already exist? 
  • [17:26] – The unique challenges of hiring for sales roles 
  • [42:02] – Salespeople need recognition as well as compensation 


Frank’s latest book, Sales Management That Works, is available to buy on Amazon. 

You can find out more about Frank and his previous books on his website. 


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