#122 – How do we address the challenge of professionalising sales? w/ John Barrows

16 May 2024

Today on The Sales Transformation Podcast we have a reupload of a conversation that originally took place earlier this year on the Make It Happen Mondays podcast with John Barrows, CEO of JB Sales.

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John is on a mission to professionalise sales, so naturally Phil was delighted to join him to discuss his own work toward the goal of elevating our industry. Together they talk about the importance of authenticity, whether sales has less of a stigma in the US, and more. 

You can find the original episode along with tons of other insightful interviews on the Make It Happen Mondays podcast here.


Highlights include: 

  • [13:30] – Is there less stigma around sales in America? 
  • [33:06] – Honesty builds trust, even when things are going badly 
  • [46:02] – Third Box Thinking: considering your customer’s customer 


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