#120 – Writing the book on Transformational Sales Leadership (Part 1) w/ Grant van Ulbrich & Barbara Crane

02 May 2024

It’s the first part of a very special series of podcasts this week as we celebrate the release of a new book: Transformational Sales Leadership: Sales Leader Perspectives.

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The book is an anthology of chapters each written by an alumnus of Consalia’s master’s programme. Each one takes a fresh look at sales issues old and new, bringing new insights from their own experience of sales leadership. 

In this episode Phil sits down with two of the contributors to discuss their chapters. Grant van Ulbrich, examines if better change management could have shifted the outcome of Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman. Meanwhile Barbara Crane discusses how different types of fear can interfere with change and how we need to learn to respond to those emotions as signals.


Highlights include: 

  • [06:31] – How to coach for resilience and change: lessons from literature 
  • [18:02] – People cling to the familiar when faced with change 
  • [19:15] – Three fears that get in the way of change 


Stay tuned for more interviews with the other contributors! 


Transformational Sales Leadership: Sales Leader Perspectives is out now and available to purchase at Routledge:



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