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Leading Sales Transformation

For senior sales professionals who are transitioning into a leadership role at their organisations.

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Sales Transformation

For Sales Managers and Account Managers who are simply responsible for revenue.


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Key Account Transformation

For Key Account Managers who are tasked with maximising return on opportunities.


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The most flexible learning approach to a Postgraduate degree: Work Based Learning

The Consalia and Middlesex University designed Executive Master's programmes require no form of an undergraduate degree. However, the highest levels of academic rigour are retained as the assignments are assessed in line with the Middlesex framework for Work Based Learning (WBL).

This approach allows students a flexible learning experience, delivered through work, in work, for work.

I would say it’s life changing. Not just for me but for my company too.

Grant van Ulbrich, Global Director of Sales Transformation - Royal Caribbean Group

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The way I’ve positioned myself through the Masters has enabled me to accelerate through my career much faster.

Simon Quinton, UKI Country Manager - Tableau

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