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Since the founding of Consalia in 2008, we have grown our business organically, and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to serve our customers. The MBA Partnerships initiative is about how we can expand our business through customised programmes that reflect the needs of our clients but also allow our clients to access our content which is aligned to their own learning outcomes.

The MBA Partnerships initiative is driven by a desire to create an engaging learning experience for our customers, which is relevant and tailored to their needs. The programmes we offer include three 1-day modules, which can be incorporated into an existing MBA programme, or standalone modules which can be run as stand-alone events.

Each 1-day module can be delivered as a stand-alone event, or integrated into a wider MBA programme. The modules can also be run as stand-alone events for companies and other organisations.

The three modules are:
1. Introduction to Sales (delivered as a stand-alone module)
2. Sales Management (delivered as a stand-alone module)
3. Customer Relationship Management (delivered as a stand-alone module)

Our modules provide learners with practical tools and techniques to help them build and maintain their sales capability. The modules can be delivered as standalone events or added to an existing MBA programme. The modules are also ideal complements to business programmes such as HR, Marketing, management and Finance. The modules can be delivered as stand-alone events, or integrated into an existing MBA programme.

The modules themselves will help participants to identify their sales strengths and development needs and to devise a Personal Sales Plan. We also provide a series of sales skills workshops and workshops on selling to senior executives. The modules can be delivered as a free-standing module or incorporated into your MBA programme. We can also customise modules to include specific content relevant to your strategy. Or, if you are an educational institution and you wish to become a partner, then please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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