Specialised sales development

Sales modules for deployment in internal academies

Academy's are organisations that train people, not products. And research says we should separate the two.

There are two main problems with internal sales academies. They compete with your people for time. Everyone in the organisation, and especially the salespeople, want to be there, so training has to be squeezed into small chunks. And, as training is a high priority, everybody expects to be there. This naturally leads to second-rate training.

The other problem is that internal academies are like products: hard to improve. That's partly because they are closed, and partly because sales training is a specialist subject, and it is hard to teach that specialist subject in ways the specialist can immediately use.
But academies don't have to be that way.

Academia has a different problem. It trains people, but its products (be they research papers or doctorates) are hard to improve. So the academy needs to work on its product, which it does by publishing papers in journals, and by disseminating its teaching through Ph.D. programmes.
This doesn't always work. A paper in an academic journal is a finished piece of work. It is an objective description of something, it can stand on its own. Good papers, of course, can be updated and built upon, but updating and building on an academic paper is a very different thing from training. Updating a paper in an academic journal is as difficult as writing a new one.
Academics teach by telling stories. Academia has mostly managed to develop a few good stories and to teach a few good stories. But teaching is harder. Teaching is part art, part science, and part magic.


Building a Sales Academy

Many companies would like to create their own internal sales academy. Consalia’s Sales Business school supports these aspirations through offering companies the ability to license core modules. We also provide Train The Trainer support so that consistent delivery standards are ensured.

Setting up an Academy for the first time can be daunting; Consalia has extensive experience in helping companies to do this and offers a consulting capability to ensure the successful implementation of your project.


Academy Modules

The table below shows the range of modules available.

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